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Callidora Kids (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Callidora Kids Was Founded In 2009 Starting From An Online Shop On Facebook Callidora Kids After That In 2010 We Opened A Store Located At Itc Permata Hijau Ground Floor B12 No.17. And Next We Opened The Next Store In 2012, Located At Itc Permata Hijau Ground Floor D9 No.1 South Jakarta.

Callidora Kids Sells Birthday Souvenirs | Imported Baby and Children's Fashion Clothes, Disney Character Clothes, Princess and Prince, Children Import Shoes, Professional Costumes such as Doctors, Pilots, Firefighters, Police, Policewomen. And Accessories For Children Including Bags, Glasses, Hats, Clothespin, Headbands. And We Sell Party Gifts For Birthdays, Akikahan, Souvenir Packages, Baby One Month, Wedding Souvenirs.

Cute and memorable child birthday souvenirs for your child's birthday event. One of the Birthday Souvenirs being Boming is Rattan Souvenir.

Currently callidora party planner to help you make birthday parties more lively. With various attractive packages and bonuses
Callidora Kids is now starting to provide Party Planner services with a variety of themes that can be customized to your liking. We also offer packages with prices starting at Rp. 1,500,000.

If Interested in Buying Our Products, Please Contact:

Tel. and WA: 0818811971/089625793864
BB pin: 54f3923e / 5FA1B094

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